Most Popular FIRST DANCE Songs!

It’s an American tradition for wedding couples to celebrate their union by opening the dance floor at their reception. Historically, the bride and groom performed a waltz or some ballroom type dance at their reception.  However, as of late, couples are dancing to popular music, swaying to a slow- dance song, or even  grooving to a choreographed -rehearsed  modern dance performance.  It’s not even uncommon for couples to hire a dance instructor to rigorously prepare for their first dance.  Don’t be surprised these days if the couple adds an element of shock, some disco, or even includes the entire bridal party in their couple dance… it’s sort of an anything goes …YOU CAN BE HIP, ROMANTIC, FUN, TRADITIONAL… IT’S YOUR CHOICE!

Most importantly, couples should choose a song that best represents their personal style and their relationship!  Memories will be made, photos and videos will be made, they last a lifetime!  Not to mention, the first dance evokes a mood for the entire rest of the wedding!

first-dance CIRCLE









Here’s list of some POPULAR FIRST DANCE SONGS!



























The WEDGE SALAD is back in fashion!

Some time in the mid 1950′s the Wedge Salad was created.  Through the 1970′s you could order a Wedge Salad at pretty much any steak house across the United States.  Then Americans went crazy for fancy salads made with creative greens and toppings.  The Wedge was no more, Iceberg Lettuce became unacceptable to most diners!  Exotic salads are still fun and popular, but the infamous Wedge has made a comeback!

There are lots of new takes on the Traditional Wedge, but the original blue-cheese/sour cream type dressing is by far the most popular wedge topping still!

wedge classic

The Classic Wedge









Try a FUN WEDGE Alternative!

wedge cabbage

Roasted Cabbage Wedge

wedge w strawb

Summer Strawberry Wedge

wedge w chix

Chicken Wedge



We Do More Than Just CATERING!

We like to please our customers!

We look at it like this… The less stress our clients feel, the happier they are. . . then the  happier they are, the more fun they’ll have at their catered event.

TO MAKE OUR CLIENTS HAPPY, we try to do it all, not just the food.  That means, just ask, we have very few limitations and we are eager to please.

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One of Our Weddings GOT PUBLISHED ON the WEDDING CHICKS blog!

Being asked to locate a unique, one-of-a-kind, never-used-before wedding venue was not so much a challenge for our design team!  We had catered and designed many events at the University Air Center in Gainesville, but we had yet to design a glamorous, fairy-tail like reception in the oldest and dustiest of hangars.  To our creative event planners, this hangar has the most nostalgic, eclectic backdrop for events, and it’s a perfect evening when the hundreds of windows there are golden bronze and back-lit by the setting sun!

Thank you Wedding Chicks for the post, we had a fabulous time designing Hilary and Austin’s wedding!

Fullscreen capture 11182013 103046 AM image photo HILARY CHIAVARI HILARY TABLE


Decorating with Pears

Pears have a warm, organic color palette and they are so overlooked as event inspiration.  While apples and pumpkins get overused for decor, we tend to forget about the stunning pear!

pears salad plate pears centerpice 2 pears centerpiece pears give thanks pears i do pears place card 2 pears place cards

Oprah’s Favorite Things!

For 2013′s FAVORITE THINGS LIST, Oprah curated a collection of 60 products.  Seventeen of her selections were from small businesses and fourteen of those were food/party  related…. and things I would actually buy for catering!!  Way to Go Oprah for supporting small business and the party industry!

Click here to take a look at the 17 Small Businesses that Made Oprah’s Favorite Things for 2013!

oprah oprah 2